Komyo Reiki Chuden | Level 2

Private Komyo Reiki Do Chuden Certification
Eight one-hour in-person private sessions with Sasha Pierce Reiki Master

Reiki is an ancient universal life energy healing system originating in Japan. A practitioner passes the energy of Reiki to another but the energy is not the practitioner’s own. Reiki is the benevolent life force that surrounds us and is intensified in the practitioner’s body after he is initiated by a master.  It facilitates the movement of energy in the body helping to clear emotions, thought patterns and traumas.

In Komyo Reiki Chuden, you will learn the first three Komyo Reiki Do symbols (Shirushi). You will also receive four Reiki attunements (Reiju) and homework to continue with your advanced meditative training and daily practice.

At the end of the eight sessions, you will receive a certificate and all the necessary instructions on how to become CRA certified practitioner.

Prerequisites: Level One of any lineage

Investment: $600 – $1200 sliding scale investment. To pay for the eight in-person private sessions, please send an e-transfer to sasha@sashapierce.ca or use PayPal or Stripe.

Location: West Queen West Studio, Toronto (a private online session is better for those with cat allergies)

Please book in the calendar below or email sasha@sashapierce.ca. Other time slots can be requested.

*Please note that reiki is not a replacement for medical health practices or psychotherapy.