“Sasha has a light energy. She has spent years working with and through light. This shows up in the way that she holds and gives reiki. I felt a lot of care in how Sasha gave space before, during, and after the reiki session. And I had never done this before. I recommend her for anyone who is new to this and is looking for a peaceful and caring way to reconnect with their own light.”

E. Farquharson

“I reached out to Sasha as she was shown in my dream after I did a prayer for a difficult situation in my life. She was the help sent from the universe. Sasha brought me so much clarity and peace through the meditation sessions. I was feeling really overwhelmed, anxious and worried before the sessions. I felt nurtured, held and so supported. I was able to sit with my uncomfortable feelings and really sink into them to move through them. Sasha created the space where I could accept all that was inside me. There was no rescuing, I felt so empowered after each session. The journeys were so clear and I received guidance that helped me surrender and own my power as a mother. Thank you so much Sasha. Such a grounded powerful healer you are.”

Manpreet Kaur

“Sasha is such a powerful healer and shines the most beautiful light embodying very high vibration energy that comes from a place of pure LOVE. She is very non-judgmental in her practice which has allowed our healing sessions to be very comfortable, and I’ve been able to open up about my darkest truths in a safe space. She has helped me immensely in healing a lot of my trauma over the past 6 years.

Sasha and I have used various healing modalities together such as soul retrieval, journeying sessions, mind/body medicine, breath work, meditation, and reiki. I am very grateful for the traditional wisdom and compassion she brings into her practice”

Maggie Phelan

“i have reached out to sasha for help on three separate occasions, and i wish i could verbalize the experience. we have explored heart opening, meditation, stored pain, reiki, and inner child connection. her imprint is deep and slow. she is the kind of worker who takes you gently into the healing space and then stands with you while you realize where you are. if I’m having trouble feeling present in the experience, she will patiently look for other doors to bring me in through. sasha is intentional, measured, and curious, and i find that a couple of days after i have a session with her, i feel privy to a little extra ‘knowing.’ Thank you sasha xoxox”


“I am so grateful to Sasha for the powerful healing I recently received. Her gentle nature made me feel very safe and allowed me to be completely vulnerable. I was not only able to receive support from her but I was also able to tap into my own intuition and guidance.

I now know what it feels like to be truly grounded. I have always been in my head and floating rather than being truly on the earth. I can now feel the difference. I feel like I can move differently in my body now and I have more clarity about my path forward. 

Sasha is a gifted healer.”

Carol Laine

”I have known Sasha for several years. She is a powerful shamanic practitioner, and the success of her healing work is evidenced in her ever-growing healing and teaching practice. Sasha brings to the path of shamanic healing a deeply committed personal healing path. She has an assiduous approach to her spiritual practices and healing path, making her an exemplary person and shamanic practitioner. She has years of outstanding success in her career as a creative artist, allowing her to blend her creative inner vision, pragmatic spirituality, and a grounded yet profoundly inspired approach to healing and shamanic teaching. Anyone working with Sasha will develop solid shamanic skills, experience deep healing, and receive guidance that is compassionate and wise. I highly recommend her as a practitioner and teacher.”

Daniel Leonard, Practitioner and Teacher in Shamanic Healing and Reiki

“Sasha Pierce is a wise and intuitive practitioner. I highly recommend working with Sasha Pierce. I found Sasha to be extremely compassionate and non-judgemental. Despair and hopelessness were knocking at my door during a recent experience I had where I was dwelling in the past. I couldn’t pinpoint why exactly I felt so stuck – heavy with grief and anxious with regret, but Sasha was there to support me with the space I needed to connect with my heart, feel the pain I was feeling and let it go. After one session with Sasha I felt lighter and at the same time more connected to love. I knew I needed to continue. After three sessions of being held in Sasha’s safe and cozy zoom room, I recognized that I have the courage to face myself. I now remind myself to feel my emotions without judgement and show myself an abundance of love and compassion. Try it out. The private morning meditation is easily accessible and a great way to start the day. “

Jennifer Saundercook

“I find Sasha P to be a gifted healer.  She is gentle, warm and very skilled in intuiting the present moment and what is going on.  This makes working with her truly inspiring and motivating.”


“It has been a real pleasure working with Sasha. She has given me different perspectives on my issues. She showed me many different modalities such as shamanic healing and breathwork. We were able to combine things and create a customized session that really works for me.

Sasha has been very flexible, very open-minded in her approach. It has been wonderful working with her. I feel like I’ve benefited from the healing work and I’m very grateful for guidance”

Martin M

“I have had a vivid inner life since childhood and I journey regularly with my own guides. It was wonderful to meet Sasha to authentically connect on this and find she is able to offer fresh insight, guidance and support.

I have had several personal breakthroughs while working with Sasha, most remarkable in a Shamanic Healing Session when I got a clear message that I was gripping my own core muscles tight, fighting my own years of body and breathwork. This knowledge helped me radically soften and has allowed me to become much more in touch with my body.

Sasha’s Sunday Breathing Meditation Sessions are a favorite part of my weekend. I am so lucky to have met Sasha in the art world several years back, and am so pleased for the spiritual guidance and soul connection.”

Lisa Anita Wegner, Performance Artist

“The private meditation session with Sasha creates a space and time to meditate which is hard to do on my own and I really liked it when Sasha gives me Reiki. Sasha is a very spiritual person and so it was nice to start my morning with a little bit of spirituality. Sasha’s spirituality comes through without even saying anything.”

Stephanie Szabo