Percussion journeying invites us into non-ordinary consciousness in order to gain insight and healings from our compassionate, well and wise spirit helpers and guides. In this session I will introduction you to the practice of journeying.

How do I prepare for an in-person or online journeying session? 

Create a comfortable, quiet and safe space (nest).  Simply a yoga mat, your bed or couch to lay down using pillows or bolsters to prop your head or legs to your comfort level. Or, find a safe place to be seated in a reclined position. Wear comfortable clothes and have a blanket nearby in case you get cold. Pillows and blankets will be provided for an in-person journeying session. A bandana is helpful to cover your eyes during journeying and have a journal and writing utensil nearby to write down messages you received. A thermos of water or tea is also nice to sip on during the session.

Investment: $70 – $125 suggested sliding scale donation. To donate for the session please send an e-transfer to or use the Paypal donate button below.

Location: West Queen West Studio, Toronto or Zoom

Please book in the calendar below (other time slots can be requested)


*Please note that shamanic healing and Reiki Master healing and training is not a replacement for medical health practices or any form of psychotherapy.