Journeying with Wendy Cockburn and Sasha Pierce – Every Sunday at 7:30pm EST

Percussion journeying invites us into non-ordinary consciousness in order to gain insight and healings from our compassionate, well and wise spirit helpers and guides.

There will be a space for sharing personal journeys (optional) in sacred space to honour our individual paths and connect us together. This 1-hour workshop will help you to align your mind, body and soul. All levels are welcome.

If you’re interested in attending the journeying session please download the 5 minute drumming track and the 10 minute drumming track from my dropbox.

To gain access to the zoom link please email or subscribe below


These journeying sessions are free with no expectations however if you feel called to donate you are welcome to send an e-transfer to or through my donation PayPal link below. Please write the word “journeying” for this donation. 5% of Sasha’s journeying donations proceeds will go to and 5% of Wendy’s journeying donations proceeds will go to @among_the_wildflowerss. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated.

I look forward to seeing you on the call!


Wendy and Sasha 

How do I prepare for an online journeying session? 

Create a comfortable, quiet and safe space (nest).  Simply a yoga mat, your bed or couch to lay down using pillows or bolsters to prop your head or legs to your comfort level. Or, find a safe place to be seated in a reclined position. Wear comfortable clothes and have a blanket nearby in case you get cold. A bandana is helpful to cover your eyes during journeying and have a journal and writing utensil nearby to write down messages you received. Water or tea is also nice to sip on during the session.

Is journeying safe? 

Journeying is safe however journeying does not replace any type of medical or clinical treatment. By participating in this journeying session you’re indemnifying Sasha Pierce and Wendy Cockburn.

We make a conscious effort to respectfully source our smoke medicine, Crystals, instruments, and beautiful pieces of healing gear that we use personally and share in gatherings from direct and or ethical sources.

About the Teachers

Wendy Cockburn is a Certified ICF Life & Health Coach, Movement for trauma practitioner & shamanic healing practitioner. Wendy’s specialty and passion is supporting clients nervous systems and the Vagus nerve, the sacred essence of our bodies.

*ICF ~ International Coaching Federation 

Wendy and Sasha trained together in the 1 year Medicine Circle Shamanic healing program 2017 /2018. Shamanic healing flows powerfully through every aspect of Wendy’s practice and personal life.

Sasha Pierce is an artist as well as an energy healer and teacher. She completed a one-year shamanic healing program with Medicine Circle, Daniel Leonard, in 2017, as well as Shamanic Journeying with the Spirits of Nature, Spirits of Nature Global Community Program, Healing with Spiritual Light and The Ancient Practice of Shamanic Journeying with Sandra Ingerman, 2019-2020. Sasha Pierce also completed her Komyo Reiki Shoden with Qi Belly, Paul Lara, in 2016 and 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Octopus Garden Holistic Yoga Centre in 2019. Sasha Pierce’s artwork is represented by Richard Heller Gallery in Santa Monica.