Conscious Connected Breathing – Every Sunday at 11:00am ET

Conscious connected breathing is the perfect medicine to move energy through the body while staying deeply relaxed. The breathing session starts with a relaxing 15 minute guided meditation lying down to deeply feel into the body. The music will then begin and the practice can be gentle breathing through the nose or more intense breathing through the mouth to open the body and integrate physical sensations and emotions. The sessions are sure to leave you restored and connected to a deeper part of yourself.

The session is 45 minutes. Please keep your microphone on mute during the class. Feel free to turn your video on or keep it off. After the class you are welcome to leave the call right away or stay and share anything that came up for you.

To gain access to the zoom link please email or subscribe below


All sessions are always free for those on a fixed income, underemployed or who want to try a session. For those who would like to donate, the suggested donation for breathing is $15. Please only donate an amount which feels right for you and know there is never any judgement. You’re welcome to send an e-transfer to or through my donation PayPal link below.

I look forward to seeing you on the call!



Is conscious connected breathing safe?

Conscious connected breathing is safe and healing. Some contraindications exist and should be taken into consideration.  It is important that you check with your doctor if you are: taking prescription medication for heart disease or any mental illness, or if you have: glaucoma, epilepsy or a complicated pregnancy. By participating in this breathing session you’re indemnifying Sasha Pierce.

How do I prepare for an online conscious connnected breathing class?

Create a comfortable, quiet and safe space for breathing (nest).  Simply a yoga mat, your bed or couch to lay down using pillows or bolsters to prop your head or legs to your comfort level. Or, find a safe place to be seated in a reclined position. Have easy access to some water and possibly tissues.  Have a blanket nearby in case you get cold. A bandana or light eye pillow to cover eyes might be helpful as well as a journal to write down any messages you receive.